Five Songs Every Child Needs To Learn Forgiveness

Five Songs Every Child Needs To Learn Forgiveness .jpg

One of the most vital lessons in life is learning to forgive others when someone has wronged you or asking for forgiveness when you have wronged someone else. It is a lesson that is important to teach our children from an early age. Forgiveness is a concept that can be hard to grasp. Starting with the ultimate lesson of Christ’s forgiveness of our sins is a great place to begin!

Below are five children’s songs that will help set your children off on the right foot and help you engage in conversations with them about this important concept.

1. Integrity Kids – Forgive One Another


2. Veggie Tales – The Forgiveness Song


3. LifeTree Kids-You Forgive Me


4. Seventy Times Seven (70 x 7)" from the Ktunez Praise collection, "Here for the Gold."


(And a silly one, just for fun)

5. Branch's Apology Song | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!