Two Friends Made A Shocking Discovery That Could Have Destroyed Their Friendship

Two friends made a shocking discovery that could have destroyed their friendship.jpg

Will Ford III and Matt Lockett became friends under the most unusual of circumstances. Both in Washington, D.C. for a prayer event, they met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Their histories couldn’t be more different, yet they struck up a strong friendship.

Ford is the descendent of slaves, and he travels the nation with a kettle that his ancestors used to muffle their prayers for freedom. Lockett’s family were farmers in Kentucky - and slaveowners.

Both had an interest in tracing their family roots, which led them to a startling discovery. Lockett’s family were the owners of Ford’s ancestors. For Lockett, this information changed his perspective forever.

There's many times, particularly with white America, there can be an attitude that when these issues are discussed, the history of slavery, the lingering pain, there can be a negative attitude that kind of dismisses it and says 'Look, you weren't there. I wasn't there. Get over it,'" said Lockett.

"There is a very real history, there is a very real pain associated with it generationally. And now that pain had a face, and it was the face that I love," he continued.

Lockett wasn’t the only one deeply affected.

"Matt's family owned my family and I had to wrestle with that. We had stories passed down in our family of slaves being beat to death for simply going fishing without asking. I really had to reconcile some things. I really had to forgive Matt's family for owning my family," said Ford to CBN.

Learning about their family ministry could have destroyed their friendship, but through forgiveness Ford and Lockett are stronger than ever. Today, they work to lead others to racial reconciliation and are changing lives across the nation.

Matt and Will share their story in the new book, “The Dream King.”