The Power Of A Prayer For Forgiveness


Often, when we find it impossible to forgive someone within our own power, prayer can change our hearts and the situation in dramatic ways, leading to finally being able to grant forgiveness.

How does this work?

Primarily, prayer is about our relationship with God. And a proper relationship with God will not allow unforgiveness to linger in our hearts.

Have you ever noticed that the more time you spend with someone, the more you become like them, or begin to think and act and talk like them -- for good or ill? This is especially true with someone we admire and respect. Well, imagine if you spent enough time with God to become more like Him, and to think and respond more like Him?!?!

You can see how every area of your life would be affected positively.  You would have more wisdom and discernment in your relationship decisions. You’ll begin caring more about other people and what happens to them. And you’ll grow greater love in your heart for even those who have wronged you, softening your anger and giving you a desire for their best -- including their forgiveness.

In addition to the time spent with God, you would be sharing your requests with him -- and seeing those prayers answered as your desires grow more in line with His. When you pray for help to forgive this person you have a hard time forgiving, God will grant that request, as it is His desire that you are in right relationship with Him and others.  

Even if your heart is very hardened toward this person, and you don’t see how you can ever forgive them, by praying that prayer every day, God will soften your heart bit by bit. You’ll begin to grow softer and softer toward that person, each day finding a little more love for them in your heart, so that you are eventually able to forgive them. That will be one of the most powerful prayers you ever pray, and the most effective.