Forgiving others and forgiving yourself can be a difficult emotional, spiritual, and physical journey. In addition to the inspiring content offered on iforgive, below are additional resources to help in the process of choosing forgiveness.



Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on It

John Hopkins Medicine

Find Freedom in Forgiveness

4 Stages of Forgiveness

Children forgiving others - Forgiveness craft

Truth for Kids

Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and bitterness

Mayo Clinic

Bible Studies on Forgiveness


Books & Studies



A true story of racial reconciliation and radical forgiveness. A crooked cop, an innocent man, and an unlikely journey of forgiveness and friendship.

A simple mindset that you've been missing which makes it easy to forgive anyone.

We need to flex our forgiveness muscles more regularly though - and the best way to do so is to remember how much we've needed others to forgive us in the past.